Rules and policies


BSSC Enrolment agreement form(PDF,1MB)

 code of student conduct signed.pdf

Bundamba State Secondary College is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for all students, staff, parents and visitors.

The Bundamba State Secondary College  Student Code of Conduct sets out the responsibilities and processess we use in our school to promote a productive, effective whole school approach to discipline.

It's Purpose is to facilitate high standards of behaviour from all in the school community, ensuring learning and teaching in our school is prioritised, where all students are able to experience success and staff enoy a safe workplace.

BSSC Learning Policy  v1.3.pdf

The Learning Policy outlines the expectations and responsibilities of the College, students, and parents/carers during the Teaching, Learning and Assessing Cycle. Assessment procedures referred to in the Bundamba State Secondary College Learning Policy are designed to meet the accountabilities set by: 

  • The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), which is the statutory body responsible for curriculum from Foundation to Year 10.
  • The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), which develops and revises syllabuses and guidelines for the Kindergarten Year to Year 12 and accredits syllabuses and guidelines prepared outside of the QCAA.

Uniform policy (PDF, 806 KB)
Bundamba State Secondary College is a uniform school. The Parents & Citizens' association of Bundamba State Secondary College supports a student code of dress which consists of an agreed standard of items of clothing, which are defined as a school uniform. The uniform is to be worn in its complete form, by all students at school and when travelling to and from school.

Student bicycle policy (PDF, 52 KB)
Requirements for students using bicycles to travel to and from school.

Bus policy (PDF, 73 KB)
Code of behaviour for students when using the school bus.

Computer Access Policy (PDF, 15KB)

Bundamba State Secondary College provides computer facilities to allow students and staff to access and use information sources available on a range of electronic communication networks. All students have permission by default as part of the school enrolment agreement and access is conditional on users complying with existing school policies as set down in the attached document.

Computer access agreement form (PDF, 70KB)

Electronic Device Policy (PDF, 67KB)

Bundamba State Secondary College has an explicit focus on improving Student Outcomes. We support the appropriate use of technology in learning and for safety. Electronic devices have the potential to aid learning and assist students in managing busy lives, when used well.

If you cannot access any of these documents please contact us at the school office and we will provide a copy for you.

Last reviewed 16 August 2022
Last updated 16 August 2022