​The Knowledge Precinct

The Knowledge Precinct aims to support teaching and learning both within and outside the classroom. We provide an inclusive and supportive environment for students to learn, explore, communicate, interact and relax.

The Knowledge Precinct is focused on developing academic excellence through the provision of a wide range of print and electronic resources to support the curriculum, teaching high level research skills and fostering a lifelong love of learning and reading in our students.

The Knowledge Precinct is available for use by students for personal and group study during all open hours. Use may be restricted to on some days due to hosting school events, Philosophical Inquiry lessons and Teacher booked lessons.

The Knowledge Precinct is a shared space and thus we ask that all users conduct themselves in a manner that does not impact on other patrons.

Hours may vary depending upon availability of staff.

Fiction collections

The Knowledge Precinct holds 3 fiction collections:
  • English class sets: available on long-term loan for class literature studies via English class teacher and the English Department.
  • Fiction collection (general reading): available for 2 week loan
  • Manga collection: available for 2 week loan.

The Knowledge Precinct does not allow long-term loans of fiction titles on textbook lists. These titles should be purchased by students.

Request a book

Students may request books from the Knowledge Precinct in person at the circulation desk, or by utilising the online Oliver Cataloguing system computer which is located near the photocopying.


Students have 24 hour access to the Resource Centre’s video collection via ClickView online. Watch the tutorial on accessing and using ClickView online. If you do not have access to ClickView online, visit the Knowledge Precinct Staff or the Information Technology Department for support.

Reference lists and in-text referencing

Bundamba State Secondary College uses the American Psychological Association (APA) style for all referencing. A simplified APA style guide is available in the school diary.

Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland and University of Southern Queensland websites provide detailed guides. For advice on referencing issues, visit the Knowledge Precinct and ask staff for help in this area.

QR Coding

The QR Codes are a new inclusion for 2016. Students download a QR code reader and followed the images for the 13 QR Code Questions within the scavenger hunt which focus on the parts of a library such as fiction and non-fiction, where is the circulation desk, where is and how do I use the BSSC catalogue system, who works in the Knowledge Precinct works and how do can they help me to learn, plus a few more! It was a great use of technology in the library and a taste of what will come for the future of research at BSSC.

Printing, photocopying and scanning

Full printing, photocopying and scanning services are available in the Knowledge Precinct; please ask for assistance if you are unsure how to access or use these services.

Library Monitors

We have introduced a library monitor system where volunteers come and learn about running a library, how to shelve books, write reviews on new fiction and non-fiction books that we have, help other students choose books by recommending what they themselves have read, just to name a few of their task. It is a great leadership opportunity for the students who aspire to become the school leaders of the future.

Last reviewed 08 August 2019
Last updated 08 August 2019